After slaughtering, the halved carcasses must be chilled in order to maintain a high quality level by obtaining the correct core temperature of the carcasses as quickly as possible. 

Quick chill tunnel
Sending the carcasses through a conveyor driven quick chill tunnel for some 70-140 minutes prior to entering the conventional chill rooms, allows for more compact packing of carcasses on rails in chill rooms.
A sudden drop in air temperature ensures that the desired core temperature of the carcasses is obtained in the shortest possible time. Simultaneously, drip-loss is reduced to a minimum.

Chill room – equalization room
Variations in temperature of the carcasses is equalized in the chill room – a process which usually takes some 16 hours - until the desired core temperature of the big muscles is achieved. Chill room capacity should therefore match the equivalent of one days slaughtering capacity.
In the question of choosing the best solution according to individual requierements, SFK Systems is able to offer both automatic chill rooms with storage conveyors and manual solutions with the use of undriven slide rails.

Storage conveyor
Utilizing the SFK Storage conveyor for handling carcasses in chill rooms can be advantageous, not only due to labour savings but also because of the obvious reduction in cross contamination between carcasses - simply because products are exposed to less manual handling.
Furthermore, the storage conveyor solution provides for improved cooling due to simular distance between carcasses.

Chill room – christmas-tree storage
The chill room capacity allows for storage of halved carcasses between shifts as well as for compensation of capacity changes in deboning and packing areas. For this purpose, a multi-hook system, the so-called “christmas-tree” system, is most advantageous.
This way pre-cut primals can be stored between shifts in a very efficient, hygienic and product-friendly way. Hanging on 20 hooks on each christmas tree, it is possible to buffer a high number of primal cuts without having to use bins which tend to provoke undesirable drip losses to costly products.
Hanging on christmas trees, the main cuts stay in shape and are easy to handle in the following processes.






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