Automated Machines for Pig Slaughtering 

SFK has developed a line of automated machines for pig slaughtering in order to improve the yield of each pig.
The Autoline concept ensures the highest quality of meat, optimum hygiene as well as improved working conditions and performance in slaughterlines.  

Autoline Concept
The new generation of SFK Systems' Autoline machines for slaughtering of pigs focuses on increased capacity utilising new precision-positioning technologies that allow for high-speed tool motions.
Furthermore, the SFK Autoline concept follows the well established and undisputed SFK dressing-line automation concept with tools in contact with carcasses being sanitised between each animal.
Safe and operator-friendly operation is ensured by designing the machines as self-contained units with fixed operation areas where high-precision tools and moving parts are safe-guarded by stainless steel panels.

Our Autoline concept includes the following machines:

Autoline Pig Bung Dropper - APB7                      US version
Autoline Pig Carcass Opener - APO7                   US version              
Autoline Pig Evisceration Unit - APE4                   US version
Autoline Pig Back Finning - APF7                         US version
Autoline Pig Splitting saw - APS7                        US version
• Autoline Pig Neck Cleaner (trimmer) - APT7
Autoline Pig Ink-jet Stamping Machine - API8      US version

SFK's state-of-the-art Autoline concept meets the latest demands of the meat industry.


SFK's state-of-the-art Autoline machines meet the latest demands of the meat industry and include i.a.

Back finning


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